Full Website, SEO, and SEM Audit

SEO & SEM Audit

The digital landscape is highly competitive. An SEO & SEM Audit allows you to understand how you’re currently performing on search engines, identify gaps in your strategy, and find opportunities for improvement and growth.

This can involve analyzing your website’s organic search performance (SEO) and paid search performance (SEM) to understand their effectiveness. We evaluate various elements like keyword usage, backlink profile, site structure, ad targeting, and more to provide detailed insights and recommendations for improvement.

Search engines are a key source of website traffic. By conducting regular SEO & SEM Audits, businesses can keep up with changing search engine algorithms, stay ahead of competitors, and continuously improve their search engine performance.

Increased Visibility –

Enhance your visibility on search engines, leading to more organic and paid traffic.

Higher Conversions –

By targeting the right content, keywords and optimizing your website, you can increase your conversion rates.

Insightful Analysis –

Understand your website’s current SEO and SEM performance.

SEO & SEM Audit

Our Work Process

Technical SEO Audit

We analyze your website's technical aspects, like site speed, mobile-friendliness, and crawling issues.

SEM Campaign Audit

We review your current ad campaigns, targeting, bid management, and overall strategy.

On-Page SEO Audit

We evaluate the use of keywords, meta tags, content quality, and more on your website.

Reporting & Recommendations

We provide a detailed report of our findings, along with actionable recommendations.

Off-Page SEO Audit

We examine your backlink profile, online reputation, and other off-page factors.

Implementation & Monitoring

If requested, we can help implement the recommendations and continuously monitor your SEO & SEM performance.

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